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Three Things Chelsea Must Do to Save Their Season

With every defeat Chelsea is suffering from, the pressure on Jose Mourinho increases. After such a disappointing campaign this season, Jose must consider himself extremely lucky to still have a job.

Continuous failure to avoid defeat, let alone victories, has put Chelsea in a disappointing 14th position in the league and within 6 points of the relegation zone. Such a frustrating performance would have resulted in an instant sacking by the club’s Russian owner, Roman Abramovic.

However, it looks as if the Chelsea owner is keen to give Jose as much time as possible to change course.

Despite Roman’s backing, Jose’s unceasing failure has not helped. Whenever Chelsea takes a step forward, they take two steps backwards. The Blues had a good game against Porto, but a defeat to Leicester City yesterday meant that they had more to think about this week.

It now looks certain that the Blues need a major miracle to keep even the top four goals alive, let alone challenge for the title. Many voices have come up with the sacking of Jose. However, this may just get a temporary boost in results. There will be a lot of uncertainty around the club without guaranteeing improved results. Moreover, with the transfer window approaching, Chelsea are poised to spend big. Any significant signing (which the club is certainly capable of securing) could also prove out to be a substantial boost to their chances.

Chelsea’s Lethargic Defence Needs Reinforcements

The defence is the most prominent difference between the two seasons for Chelsea. Last season, every team struggled to create chances against the Blues, let alone score goals. However, this season, the Blues have conceded consistently. In the January transfer window, Chelsea will need to finalise a deal for a replacement for John Terry. The legend looks past his prime, and this would be a perfect time to back up Zouma and Cahill. It would be up to Jose if he decides to carry on his chase for Stones or look for other alternatives like Varane.

The Blues Desperately Need a Striker

It is not that Chelsea have failed to create chances this season, but they cannot finish those chances that have cost them dearly. The last match against Leicester was a typical illustration of this. Costa was one-on-one with the goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel after an amazing through ball. The ball was waiting to be buried in the net; however, Costa shot it straight to the goalkeeper, and the chance was gone. It is just one example of Chelsea’s striking troubles this season. Moreover, Costa’s backups, Falcao and Remy, have been unable to grab any chance they have had (though Remy scored a goal in yesterday’s 2-0 defeat at Leicester City). It is now time for the defending champions to buy a new striker. It is a now-or-never situation for Chelsea, and they must grab a player or two in this transfer window.

Chelsea Should Give Full-Time Chances to Youngsters

There is no doubt that Chelsea has one of the best youth talents at their disposal. Kenedy and Loftus-Cheek are just two examples of people who have shown their skills when they have a chance. It is now time for Mourinho to take bold decisions and give opportunities to these enthusiastic players. Kenedy has featured more regularly than many had expected. However, he has never started any game at his preferred attacking position. It is now time to give him a chance over Hazard and Matic. The young players are unpredictable, fast and enthusiastic, which could be a positive for the Blues.

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