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Why SEOs and Web Designers Are in Dogfight?

These days, SEOs and web designers are often seen clashing. For the best future online, both sides need to work together. Both groups must recognize that web development clients don’t care about their disputes and are only interested in websites that combine utility with aesthetics and good rankings.

The Origin of the Fight

Web designers have often claimed that search engine rankings aren’t the most important determinant of online success. They also say that SEO specialists are too aggressive in their quest to get rankings that are often elusive. Meanwhile, SEO experts say that web designers make their job harder with their sloppy coding and absent understanding of SEO. They also claim that content and design aren’t the most important things on a site if they don’t contribute to search engine friendliness.

SEOs vs Web Designers: Who Is Right?

Each side tends to demean the arguments of the other. So which ideology is correct? Both parties should ideally make some sense, but none of their arguments really matter to clients, who only want a workable combination of approaches that convert well in the long run. Also, the individuals in each party who bear the most attacks are those who do their job poorly. From the outside, it might look like all these professionals are being insulted, but the ones putting out bad work are the ones who are actually to blame. Low-cost, ineffective SEOs are some of the worst offenders.

Possible Solutions in SEOs vs Web Designers Rivalry

The education of consumers is one path toward making the right choices. Search engines are always trying to impede the work of black-hat SEOs. However, web designers and SEO specialists have been guilty of making clients think their job is a comprehensive path toward online success. Both are vital and should be used together for the greatest effect. A great-looking site that functions well and satisfies the search engines is always best. Feuding between these two groups may continue in the future, but some rational analysis of best practices now can help reduce this behavior later.

Best Practices for Web Designers

Web Designers must make faster-loading and responsive designs so that sites can load on mobile devices. In-site search options are often valuable, but their conversion to integration is always better. Following the most recent set of standards is vital, and sites should be easily readable even for users who use a text-only zoom. Finally, visually impaired users should always be considered during the design of a site.

Best Practices for SEO Specialists

SEOs can continue using keywords as always, but they require more intelligent use. This includes the growing role of keywords specific to mobile device usage. Regarding backlink creation, the importance of guest blogs, video content, and infographics is increasing. Quality links still matter, but relevant links have quickly become the best option. Twitter Cards and the Open Graph protocol on Facebook are great for building social visibility.

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