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Real Dictatorship in Fake Democracy

Pakistan is today in the throes of its worst ever political unrest, which if not managed astutely, may force the country’s fourth military coup. People of Pakistan are once again experiencing real dictatorship in fake democracy. History of our country is very much evident that military takeover always took place when there was bad governance, cronyism, nepotism, and rampant corruption in so called democratic regimes. The military can not dare to take over a popular regime working for the people and delivering according to whims of the masses.

The rulers in general play influential role in development or retardation of nations. The decline of any government begins with the decay of the principals on which it was founded. Contrary to the principals set by our Quaid-e-Azam, throughout the Pak history there have been many rulers who plundered the country’s resources ruthlessly, used that money again to gain the power and used terror to gain control of the public. Real dictatorship in fake democracy became evident as they ruled the country with iron fist and showed unrelenting thirst to remain in power. The ruling class even today is ruling the people based on divide and rule. Under this regime of real dictatorship in fake democracy, the people of Pakistan have been divided on the basis of provincialism, ethnic, cast, creed and sectarianism promoting politics of polarization. Their rule has always been characterized by human rights abuses, corruption, political repression, extra judicial killings and such like other evils. Who are these rulers and by what right they rule the country is a question solvable for decades.

They have unfortunately enslaved, exploited and humiliated the people of the country for their own interests. Pakistan today is both a nation of terror and brutal rulers. These leaders have brought the country of Quaid-e-Azam to its knees particularly after 1980s. There is unprecedented massive loot and plunder of state resources during the last six and half years of latest round of real dictatorship in fake democracy, perhaps never seen in the history of Pakistan, particularly in electricity, oil and gas, metro bus projects, motorways and road sectors where all sorts of shoddy works is going on and nobody is there to take notice of this daylight robbery. Pakistan has evolved into dystopia, not a democracy as is being claimed and propagated, where black money and privilege stand in the face of massive poverty and miserliness.

Amongst other reasons the so called civilian governments have proved themselves utterly unable to take advantage of the huge potential of the society for economic growth, condemning whole population of Pakistan to a lifetime of poverty further declining their living standards. Poverty, unemployment and load shedding has made the life of Pakistanis miserable and everybody is worried about rampant and non stop corruption of the rulers. Average Pakistanis have seen their money decimated due to so called open market economy adopted by the rulers for their personal gains. Pakistanis have no sufficient money to prop up the economic activity. They have lost jobs due to shortage of power and gas. This 6/7 years destruction of poor and middle class will remain unabated for years to come.

A common man is not aware of all that — capitalism, socialism, left, right or center. What he wants is to solve his problems relating to his daily life; reduce inflation, maintain law and order situation, provide affordable electricity, gas, oil, education and healthcare whether it may be from right, left or center. Pakistani society is badly collapsing from the sheer weight of recently introduced capitalist economy. Due to hunger and poverty caused by capitalist system of injustice, tyranny and exploitation the poor are constrained to commit suicides along with their children but the rulers are living kings like luxurious life on public money and making castles and huge business empires within the country and abroad with looted national wealth. Social system has become unsustainable. Unemployment, suicide rates, poverty, homelessness, high scale drug addiction, escalating crime rate, rampant gun crime, all speak in different way our social meltdown. The country is badly suffering from VIP culture. Our rulers are selling the nation, and even sovereignty of the country. This also proves that there is nothing but a real dictatorship in fake democracy imposed on masses.

The incompetent rulers are afraid of the people due to their misdeeds during the last more than six years rule. Political scandals, financial scandals, corruption scandals and conspiracies remained occurring almost daily in the country. During this period of ‘democracy’ both the ruling parties plundered national resources mercilessly in the name of reconciliation and so called democracy with the result that the people now mistrust not only the ruling politicians but politics itself. Many of the people today refuse to vote which itself is ‘no confidence’ on rule by the already bogusly elected representatives. Our rulers are real dictators and criminals of the nation. They think, look, and act as a class to maintain the status quo. They have no decision making power except for plundering the state resources, They have given nothing to the people except devastation and destruction. Today President, Governor, Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and Ministers houses and their high boundary walls are protected with barbed wires. The people residing in these “Houses” are direly afraid of the Pakistani people.

We must vote out the PML-N and PPP from governments because Nawaz Sharif and Zardari regimes have very rapidly worsened the poverty levels in the country in their present tenures. What both the parties have done successfully is to plunder the available sources through corruption and inefficiency and trapped back the country in the foreign debt which has reached at unprecedented levels and have been siphoned off by the both that would take a long to shake off by the nation. Now onward every rupee received in tax that would be collected from the poor people for health, education and infrastructure development will go towards debt servicing and it will take the country to Stone Age. All the state institutions have been collapsed. The crumbling civil administration, rapidly declining governance, the collapse of the police, unprecedented plunder of the treasury, and the divisive vote bank politics of both the parties are resulting in volcanic disruptions and debilitating internal turmoil.

Pakistani leadership is incapable of continuing control for another three and half years and the most unpopular sitting regime is constantly constraining the military to take over the country to be a political martyr. General Raheel Sharif is till now living up to his image of being apolitical; not hungry for power, and not seems to be interested to take over the reins of the country amid such a mess. But the military is supposed to be the ultimate savior of Pakistan and given the situation Pakistan today is on the crossroads, in a political tailspin, and the military do not have much of a choice; only time will tell whether General Raheel Sharif takes any action on call of the masses to end the ongoing political unrest or allows the product of political engineering sitting regime to ruin and plunder the country as they are doing.

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