Ranking the Most Competitive European Leagues


    Football is the sporting currency of Europe, and five domestic leagues stand out from the rest. The English Premier League, the French Ligue 1, the German Bundesliga, the Italian Serie A, and La Liga.

    It is believed that these leagues present various degrees of difficulty and competitiveness, and the list below identifies the top 5 leagues, from the least competitive to the most competitive.

    5Serie A

    Of the top 5 leagues in Europe, the Serie A is the most one-sided. The gulf in resources between Juventus and the rest of the league is massive.

    Their strategy of securing quality players across Europe who have run down their contracts has paid huge dividends. The likes of Paul Pogba and Sami Khedira came to the club as free agents.

    The Old Lady have also made it a habit of poaching the best players from their nearest rivals, depleting the strength of the competition. Andrea Pirlo, Miralem Pjanic, and Gonzalo Higuain are some of the big name players they have snatched from various competitors recently.

    28 consecutive home wins in the league, 2 defeats in the last 15 games and 7 points ahead of 2nd placed Roma. Juventus will win this the title season, their 6th consecutive title without needing to move into 3rd gear, and this will likely be the norm for years to come.



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