These Players Have a Crucial Role to Play in Next Season


    5Philippe Coutinho

    Fondly known as ‘The Little Magician’ by Reds supporters; Coutinho has produced some moments of sheer brilliance during his time at Liverpool, such as the goal against Manchester City in the 13/14 season which helped create an illusion of a title winning season for the Reds.

    Another of his most memorable strikes came in the form of a late goal against Stoke City in Liverpool’s League opener. It was a sweet strike from 30+ yards out which flew into the top corner, sending Reds fans behind the goal into delirium.

    Coutinho is one of those players the fans look at as being an integral part of the squad. His ability to keep the ball means that he fits right into Liverpool’s age old philosophy of possession football which has helped the club’s cause in previous seasons.

    He’s one of the first players that fans look for when the lineups are released, and there is a collective feeling of disappointment when he has to miss out on a game due to injury/suspension.

    Coutinho possesses an impeccable ability to orchestrate great link-up play in the middle of the park along with the attacking third. He can suddenly turn a slow moving midfield passing battle into a quick attacking break.



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