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Electronic Gadgets and Children

Technology is taking us over day by day. Even children are being driven by it which is a bit alarming. Kids starting from the age of 1 are exposed to electronic gadgets like mobile phones, i-pads and tablets. They’ll watch cartoons scroll through different pages and also know how to make calls all by their own.

Parents take pride that their child is smart enough to use electronic gadgets even when they know the associated problems. Mothers engaged in a hectic routine all day find it an easy escape making their children play with phone or i-pad. Parents don’t know that they are endangering their kids future putting their health at risk too.

It has been observed that the children who are exposed to electronic gadgets are more likely to develop myopia. They become dull, lethargic and prefer playing video games over outdoor activity.

Such children are more likely to develop ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). it is a physiological disorder in which the child finds it difficult to focus and pay attention to something, their behavioral changes are quick and sometimes are over active.

Today parents come up with the argument that their child is learning because of the internet. My answer to that is everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. So, parents should not allow kids using electronic gadgets to learn from a very small age. In early age,  when they need so much to learn from them.

According to research children lower than the age of 5 should not be handed over these gadgets, this is the time when they need your time and attention to learn about their surrounding and as parents it is your prime responsibility to not replace it with the electronic distractions.

In the year 2011 World Health Organization (WHO) classified mobile phones as ‘2B’ “possibly carcinogenic to humans” including iPads with 4g cellular connections. the radio magnetic wavelengths transmitting from the cell phones and tablets are dangerously harmful not to both children and adults.

Children are more sensitive to a variety of agents as compared to the adults so the risk for both is not the same. For a healthy growing, infants aging from 0-2 years should not be exposed to technology at all. Kids aging between 3-5 years should be restricted to 1 hour in a day for example watching cartoons online. Children aged 6-15 years must be allowed to use technology for not than 2 hours.

 Children should be taken out once in a week so they can enjoy quality time with parents. Parents have to put in efforts for proper and healthy upbringing of their children technology is no alternative to attention.

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