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Democracy is Best Revenge

Democracy is best revenge, this was stated by Asif Ali Zardari while talking to media after the burial of slain leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. The term was coined to pacify the mourning and raged Pakistanis and was taken very possibility. However, in the events that unfolded later, democracy turned out to be best revenge from people of Pakistan and not from the enemies of the country.

Pakistan has a professional military force which is fully capable of making the enemy think twice before invasion / aggression. There is no doubt U.S policy consist of weakening Pak Army / ISI first and then fracturing Pakistan. Collapse of Pakistan as a nation state is the decades old desire of Washington which has been planning to create misunderstanding between military and the masses and to create a scenario of civil war in Pakistan especially after 2008 and is eager to declare Pakistan ‘failed state’ to struggle for destabilization and fragmentation of Pakistan for complete control of its nuclear assets.

To fulfill its ill wishes the U.S firstly deployed a compliant political regime of PPP, having no commitment with national interest, a leadership which served only imperial interests of U.S. PPP having lost its popularity, another U.S sponsored ‘regime change’ has taken place as a fresh proxy government under new leaders. It is not an unusual practice. The readers would be surprising to know that Musharraf’s Finance Minister Shaukat Aziz was selected by Wall Street, who was later elevated to Prime Minister in recognition of his ‘services’ for U.S. The word democracy is constantly misused and abused in Pakistan and people continued to remember that democracy is best revenge.

Civilian periods of rule have devastated the state structure of Pakistan as a whole; elite only benefitting from the system and nothing passed on to the general public. The price paid by the country during so called puppet democratic regimes had been very high in terms of brutality, divisions in the society, oppression against opponents, and squandering national resources. Power remained centered in the clan close to the party leaders, party loyalists, family, friends, and cronies. The leaders usually promoted their own corporate self interests instead doing something for the people of Pakistan at large.

A large proportion of national resources were diverted to European banks pushing the country into chaos. In addition to escaping of capital abroad, weakening brain drain, a vast increase in inefficient and corrupt bureaucracy, and declining social services like education and health etc. had all been an aspect of ‘democratic’ regimes. They constantly propagated against the military forces and weakened their professionalism as a fighting force. The renowned memo written by Hussain Haqqani on behest of Asif Zardari to the government of U.S would show how Zardari intended to weaken the command structure of military forces in the guise of ‘civilian control’. Likewise Nawaz Sharif deliberately appointed a defense Minister who is disliked by the military, and favored GEO TV who ridiculed the forces instead of favoring Army / ISI. Today the country is paying heavy price due to incapable and incompetent politicians.

On the other hand the military initiated reforms in the economy tried to enhance cohesiveness and developed institutions for political process. The widening of education and health services during military regimes benefitted the majority of population. Improvement of infrastructure and rapid industrialization increased the economic strength of Pakistan and created jobs for millions of people. Whether it may be highest rate of economic growth, consolidation of land holdings, land reforms, industrial revolution, freedom of press, green revolution, construction of dams, development of nuclear program or strict measures against hoarding and adulteration, providing peace and security to the people of Pakistan; this all happened during military regimes. Being sick and tired of civilian dictators, the people of Pakistan always welcomed military take over,

It is quite obvious that there is an absolute lack of trust between military forces and the present government today. Military is being targeted and conspiracies are being hatched against Army / ISI in order to weaken the country and to please the exterior masters. Relationship between the government and military forces seems to be at worst position

Before criticizing we should realize that the military forces are pillar of the nation’s resilience and strength. The nation applauds the heroic services of the military forces in defense of the country. Our patriotic people of Pakistan are firmly and fully standing behind our brave armed forces and the military personnel of the country.

The government should do whatever has been mandated by the people of Pakistan and take actions with an eye to ensure that it meets the essential requirements of the local population – and not that of external powers alone. The existing violence, poverty, hunger, bloody law and order situation, bad health, and lack of education are all consequences of poor governance. People want good governance as bad governance has disastrous consequences on their lives. Good governance prevents abuses of power when implemented successfully.

No doubt real democracy is a blessing but what is being practiced and propagated in Pakistan can’t be said a democracy. Despite, democracy is simply a form of government like other forms of government with no special edge. People want solution of their problems whatever form of government is prevailing in the country and respect whichever system delivers. The experience of China, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, and Chile etc. are some examples of economic and political success liked by their people; it shows that economies can grow and political stability can be maintained even in the absence of democracy.

Don’t push the situation to such a level where people continue to believe that democracy is best revenge.


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