The Five Strongest Personalities The Premier League Has Seen


    Over the years, the Premier League has seen a spectrum of players, coaches and personalities pass through. Some we remember for being infectious, some we remember for being strange and some we remember for all the wrong reasons. Here’s the top 5 that stick in our heads.

    5Jose Mourinho – Manchester United

    The self and fan proclaimed “Special One”. That name says it all, doesn’t it? To the fans of any club Jose has managed he has been their special one, their lucky charm, and so much more.

    But to opposing fans and managers, officials and even fellow team staff he has been nothing but a headache and a source of frustration.

    Having over 20 titles under his belt in his 16 years as a head coach, including titles in every league he has taken part in, it’s hard to dispute his talent.

    Fines for secret meetings with potential players (Ashley Cole, Arsenal), countless run-ins with FIFA officials, and eye gauging opposing staff are but a few instances.

    This doesn’t even include calling Arsene Wenger a “specialist in failure” or his dealings with the law over smuggling his dog into various countries.



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